Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta: Let us be your Aesthetic Yoda!

Are you considering doing something to help you love the way you look? Are you confused about which procedure would be best for you? There are so many products, technologies and procedures available, choosing the ones that are right for you is difficult to do without someone to guide you. Let us  be your guide.

Some questions you might have are:

Is a neuromodulator(i..e Botox) enough for me or do I need filler too?

Will non invasive fat removal (i.e. SculpSure) be good for me or do I need Liposuction?

Can I get the results I am looking for with Liposuction of the tummy, or do I need a tummy tuck?

What kind of results can I expect from fillers and neuormodulators? Am I better off doing a facelift?

Can I get the look I want with implants or will I need a breast lift too?

Do I need filler or a lower blepharoplasty?

What skin care products should I be using?

It can be very confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out all of this on your own. So, where do you go for guidance and answers? Should you head on over to your local mall to the med spa next to the nail salon and hair salon? You can, but you won’t get the most comprehensive well thought out recommendations.  You will most likely will get the recommendation to do whatever it is that they provide, whether or not that is your best option. If you go there for a saggy neck and they have a noninvasive tightening machine, that is what will be recommended, even if you are not a really good candidate for the procedure.  You may see little to no results with that technology if what you really need is a more invasive procedure or even surgery to see a noticeable difference.

Come to a plastic surgery practice that has a wide range of options to offer including aestheticians, medical grade skin care lines, neuromodulators (i.e. Botox), fillers, minimally invasive procedures, invasive procedures and surgery. This is all under the guidance and supervision of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Here, you will get recommendations for the best procedure or procedures possible to get results you will love, that fit within the recovery time you have and that will fit your pocketbook.

Don’t throw away money on a procedure that will not get the results you want. Let us be your guide and design a plan that will make you proud of the way you look and pleased with the way you spent your money and time.

And as a side note, beware of cheap Botox! It either means that the product was obtained illegally (overseas), or that you are not getting the right number of units. Botox is an expensive product. 50% off means that the location offering it is losing a lot of money, getting it illegally (which can be ineffective at best and possibly unsafe) or they are diluting it to stretch it out further. If they are still in business after a year, you can be pretty sure they aren’t losing a lot of money!

Let us be your guide to help you love the way you look! It is what we love to do!

Sonya Merriman M.D.

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