Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery for Valdosta, South Georgia and North Central Forida

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is intended to create a more attractive nose in better proportion to other facial features. If you feel that the size and shape of your nose does not match the rest of your face, nose reshaping could be the solution. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sonya J. Merriman, at her plastic surgery center in Valdosta, Georgia, can reshape or resize your nose or nostrils to better match the shape and size of your face.

Rhinoplasty is often effective in helping to correct breathing problems. It can also provide a solution to problems caused by birth defects, injury or disease. Patients in the South Georgia and North Central Florida area have benefited from nose reshaping surgery by Dr. Merriman for some of the following reasons:

  • To balance the size and shape of the nose to the rest of the face
  • To correct breathing problems
  • To repair damage caused by injury, birth defects or disease
  • To enhance confidence and self-image
  • For a more youthful appearance

Personal Consultation

Together, you and Dr. Merriman will discuss your goals and expectations and whether you may want to consider another facial procedure at the same time to enhance your result. At her plastic surgery center in Valdosta, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Merriman shapes and sculpts the nose to enhance each patient’s individual face. Dr. Merriman understands that each nose and each face is unique. She brings her skill, experience and artistry to provide personalized, safe and effective care to each patient and every procedure.

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